How To Make Delicious French fry at Home

If you are tired of trying to make the perfect, crispy, delicious French fry at home, tired of trawling through the net searching the trying to do it yourself, tired of trying food chain after food chain, desperate to find the one French fry to rule them all, then boy do we have a treat for you! French fries are absolutely amazing, there’s no doubt about that. They’re almost like amazing little matchsticks sent down from heaven. And with all the different food chains that produce their own vastly different types, we thought we’d give you a little bit of a helping hand, and save you some money and time! We’re going to tell you where you can go to get the best French fries! Some of these may be in your area, meaning you can race their straight away, and some may be independent restaurants and outlets, meaning that you’ll just have to hop to visit them someday!
Grand Rapids Hop Cat, Crack Fries
The addictiveness of these French fries is actually what gave them the name ‘crack fries’. These particular fries are produced by HopCat, that have restaurants in Detroit, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis. They are battered in a light beer giving them an extra interesting flavour, add some delicious black pepper and you’ve got the perfect snack to sit down, chill and even have a beer with. HopCat also boast a wide range of toppings, including: jalapenos, melted cheese and onions. They sound absolutely amazing, and they’re definitely making me want to go to Detroit.
Philadelphia The Continental, Szechuan Shoestring Fries
Wow! These particular fries come served to you in a heaping pile! Why you may ask? Because they are a special type of French fry that are extremely thin and delicate, so The Continental pile them on the plate for you to chow down on. Styling them in the way that they do, they really blow a hole in the debate on how thick French fries should be, maining liking them thick and potato-y, while others prefer crispy and thin. Well these are the thinnest you can get really! They come in a spicy mustard sauce that compliments them perfectly, and you can check them out in Market St, Philadelphia!
Wendy’s are living proof that you can conquer each side of the spectrum when it comes to French fry, as they changed their recipe back in 2010. They originally produced matchstick thin fries which were fairly popular, that was until they switched up and went for a thicker cut, skin-on chip. This type caught on hugely with lovers of restaurant and they started seeing a massive influx of customers. They’re crunchy, potato-y and well-salted. You can read the best nuwave air fryer reviews now! Just head down to a Wendy’s by the sounds of it!
Five Guys
It seems like a long time ago since Five Guys began their salty assault on the Western market as a whole, spreading to London and similar cities, but we don’t regret them expanding one bit. Their chips are made with their ever-famous peanut oil, and, well that oil must be doing something right, as Five Guys chips hit the spot every single time. It’s impossible to have just one, as the crunchy tastiness invites you to have and more and more until they’re all gone! Hats off to those working at Five Guys, whatever you’re doing to those chips back their in that kitchen, you satisfy us, and our stomachs!
Well there you have it. A whole lot of potato, oil, salt and even some peanuts thrown in for good measure. Don’t ever forget to always be analytical when you are out and you go to a place with French fries. Don’t ever settle for second rate merchandise, analyse the chip heavily before you throw it into your mouth, how thick is it? How much salt has been added? Are they hot? Soggy? Only after you’ve answered these questions in a satisfactory manner, you can feel free to start chowing down, but watch every bite! You don’t know when you might have to call a restaurant out on their extremely poor fry game! On the other hand, you never really know when you might run into a place that you thought would be bad, only to end up tasting the best French fries you’ve ever had! Keep munching!