Why not learn more about Professionals?

Why not learn more about Professionals?

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Why We Should Seek a Cosmetic Dentist for Teeth Whitening Procedures

A sparkling, white smile is said to be more appealing than anything else. Be that as it may, we all know that our teeth rarely stay as white as we like them to without help at the dental office.

We need to emphasize the importance of letting a professional dentist administer teeth whitening procedures because nowadays, a lot of product on teeth whitening have come out that encourage people to do the teeth whitening procedures on their own.

To make sure that you have a safe and effective teeth whitening procedure, choose to have it done in a professional dental setting. And besides, having it done professionally by a dentist is more economical than DIY procedures.
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With professionally supervised teeth whitening procedures, you can be sure that the work is faster and they are able to protect sensitive gums and tooth root surfaces better. Having an oral examination before you begin any whitening process is an important first step to make sure that your tooth discoloration is not the result of a dental condition in need of treatment.
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This means that you face some risk if you allow unprofessional people apply teeth whitening solutions to your teeth without prior examination. You will note that a lot of consumers find this convenient and because of their na?ve-te will be a willing client for kiosk operators. Since these kiosks are simply franchises, then it follows that there are no dental professionals administering the procedures. These people give the impression that they are dental professionals since they dress up in medical garments, but the truth is, they are not dentists, RDHs (registered dental hygienist), or RDAs (registered dental assistants). The catch that makes the process legal is that operators do not place the product in the “patient’s” mouth. It is the customer who puts the bleaching product himself. Irreversible damage to your teeth can be caused by these procedures. Most bleaching products offered by kiosks generally consist of high concentration of hydrogen carbamide peroxide at 35 percent. At these high concentration, they are extremely acidic, and if not properly administered, can ruin tooth enamel.

You benefit more if you apply for teeth whitening procedures under the supervision of a doctor of dental surgery or DDS since they make an assessment first if it is advisable to bleach your teeth and then give you a predicted outcome of the procedure. Furthermore, the dentist will have knowledge of the oral anatomy, principles of patient care, and the possible dangers involved like gums that is not adequately protected or if there is the presence of a gum disease that must to treated first.

It is troubling to see the increase of teeth whitening products directly available to consumers and the application of these products in different locations like malls, cruise ships, and salons, with very little assurance regarding its safety, dose, and the professional qualifications of the people involved in these non-dental settings.