What I Can Teach You About Businesses

What I Can Teach You About Businesses

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Basic Repair and Maintenance Checks on Your Computer

In order for computers to have a long life of usefulness and efficient productivity, they should be under a regular maintenance checks to keep them in a good state of repair condition. Regular computer maintenance are done in two ways: the first is physically cleaning the computer and the second is cleaning everything inside the computer, such as system files, documents, programs, etc.

By asking the computer store to install anti-virus programs in your computer during your purchase of it (note that these anti-virus programs come by default in the system) or requesting an IT service center to install the said program, will help ensure protection on your computer against cyber attacks and other virus programs. Then have regular updating of these programs, as new types of viruses are being developed every year, which your old programs may not be capable of removing them.

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The fact is every application and utility is prone to security risks, such as a security hole may be discovered in your installed software, therefore, it is advisable to update your software applications, too, if you’re using it; otherwise, remove unused applications so you can free up the space for more useful applications.
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When you frequently view in the Internet, this results in storing a copy of every web page that you view, while this procedure may be helpful as it allows for faster viewing later on, the process may have a tendency to use much space if you have accumulated more website visits in the past month, therefore, you should consider clearing the temporary internet files, internet history, and cookies off your system.

By applying two simple solutions, such as defragmentation of the hard disk and the Check Disk procedure, once a month, you are preventing your hard drive from experiencing a system error. Data files which are regularly used may get fragmented across the entire hard drive, which means that these files are broken down and spread out across the hard drive; but by defragging the hard drive, you are allowing this program to look for the fragmented files and restore them back as a whole, and this results into your computer operating on a faster speed again. With the default installation of a Check Disk program, the computer’s disk volumes are automatically checked to see if there are existing problems, but if it finds one, it will routinely fix the problem, by design, including the repair of bad sectors or lost clusters.

The recycle bin is a storage space for deleted files and while these files stay there for a while, eventually they are auto deleted; therefore, once a month, go over the recycle bin and review the deleted files, because there may be files that you may have accidentally deleted which you still need, after which, empty the recycle bin so it will not use up more storage space in the computer.