Visiting the Scenic Abha with

Abha is one of the most gorgeous cities of Saudia Arabia and is the capital of the province Aseer. The city has lush fertile green mountains and is located near the Red Sea which gives good access to some of the gorgeous beaches of the southwest coast. Abha is a popular tourism point in Saudia Arabia, the mild weather makes it favorable to be visited throughout the year. You can plan your trip to Abha with and also enjoy many attractions sites at a discounted rate with the use of the promo code from

Rijal Almaa village:

The Rijal Almaa Village is a sight to see. This traditional Arabic village is located on a mountain. The houses are made with natural resources and are floors high which makes them very attractive and captivates a person. On this tour, you will also learn about the history of the village and how it connected Yemen with Makkah and Madinah. Don’t forget to take some pictures of this scenic village. It is a best site to visit because it has lots of natural attractions for visitors. It is reported that thousands of visitors visit this village each year to enjoy the beauty of this place. The use of promo code can help you to make your trip economical and budget friendly.

Jabal Sawda Peak:

Abha is home to the highest mountain peak in Saudia Arabia known as Jabal Sawda Peak. Located 3133 meters above sea level, these range of mountains are known for their lush greenery from top to bottom and has the most fertile land. People can either hike to this peak with a guided tour or go for the cable car. It is recommended to plan or book your visit in advance so that you can enjoy your visit with peace of mind. You can book your tour to Jabal Sawda at a good price with the use of the promo code.

Shadda Palace:

If you have a love for archeology and history, then Shadda Palace is a must-visit place. Established in the year 1820, this palace was the ruling palace of the previous times and later it was converted into a museum. The museum gives you an inside into the rich culture of ancient Saudia Arabia. This visit will also be a full guided tour. Do not forget to find the promo code to save a big part of your investment. Feel free to visit to find the latest coupon codes.

National Parks:

Abha is also home to many nature reserved parks. For gorgeous views of the city and some lush greens, you can book your tour to Aseer National Park, Abu Kheyal Park, Andalus Park, and Al Sahab Park. This picturesque scene is worth everything. You can visit the website to view the available packages. You can book your tours to these parks at a lower rate with the use of the promo code.