Top Amenities Offered By British Airways To The Business Class Passengers

British Airways are said to be one of the best airways to travel with. Since its inception, the airline is offering the finest services in the aviation industry. It started as Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited on August 25, 1919, carrying passengers in a four-seat commercial biplane between London and Paris. It is the first airline service to operate commercial jet service. They are also the pioneers in introducing supersonic passenger services in 1952 and in 1955 they also introduced fully flat beds in first class.

British Airways is in the process of investing  £400m into improving the airlines business class passengers’ services/amenities. They have revised the dining options from this September, and in the partnership with The White Company, they have introduced brand bedding and amenity kits for passengers on board. Some of the other top amenities offered by British Airways are listed below:

  • The Flight

From the time the passengers step into the flight, they are treated with utmost care. A duvet, pillow, and noise-cancelling headphones are provided on the seats. There is a lip balm, a pen, a moisturizer, a bag to carry things for all the passengers.  Earplugs and eye mask are also provided by British Airways flight attendants on request.

  • In-flight Drinks and Snack Service

Once boarded the flight, a pre-meal drink is offered which might be champagne or water. Nuts, pretzels are offered for snacks. A menu is offered to the travelers to choose from during the flight. The menu is set as a healthy choice of foods which are explained as well.

  • In-flight Dining

In-flight dining is a whole new experience for the business class passengers in the British Airways. Along with the pre-meal drink, healthy four-course set menus are served with various combinations which include starters, fresh salads, main course, and dessert. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available as per the passenger’s choice. Choices of wines are also offered to the travelers while traveling in business class. There is a ‘Club Kitchen’ access to the business class passengers where one can help themselves with snacks in between the flight. Prior to landing, a service of tea/coffee and snacks is also offered as per the choice.

  • In-flight Entertainment

A screen is provided with multiple entertainment programs such as movies, TV shows and even games one can play. In addition, power plug to charge any devices are also provisioned.

  • The Seat

The seats can be adjusted as per the choice from normal seat to a flatbed. Each cabin has a 2-4-2 configuration with seats facing each other. In case any travelers prefer to be alone, they can opt for a window seat.
Apart from an ultimate onboard experience, British Airways also keep a great balance with the amenities at the airport. Some of the best ones are as follows.

  • Security Check-in

A good travel experience starts from the airport and departure itself. The Business Class passengers have a special check-in desk. For the British Airways flight,  passengers can use the exclusive check-in through the fast track security lane at the departure.

  • Lounge

There are exclusive British Airways lounges set up for the business class passengers in most of the airports. A widespread of breakfast items like muffins, bread, cereals, hams, cheese and much more are available. The buffet changes during the day. A tea and coffee section is also available with varieties of beverages sold. The champagnes in the champagne section also change now and then. The lounge also offers wide newspaper section, which also has magazines. The lounge has a foreign exchange desk to help the travelers exchange the money. Overall, the lounges are spacious, tastefully designed, and decorated in contemporarily to make the travelers feel relaxed.

  • Spa

There are also spas which are set up inside the lounges for the passengers to relax and rejuvenate. They offer a wide range of services and have many therapists with a number of treatment rooms.