Seat choices can greatly affect your comfort on long flights. Unfortunately, the check-in officer at the airport will usually choose a random seat for each passenger. However, not everyone can be treated the same.

Maybe you also often find seats that are not comfortable for long flights. The problem is, you can’t move your seat anywhere on the plane. However, you can choose your seat on the plane when you purchase your ticket on Cleartrip.

You can decide for yourself which seat you want to reserve. After booking your flight schedule, you will be offered additional services, such as choosing the most comfortable seat for you. So, you will not be put on any seat by the city officials. Now, first, determine what type of person you are before choosing the right chair.

Seats in the Middle of the Aircraft with Minimal Turbulence

Most likely the plane will experience turbulence while flying. As a result, you will feel the shock in the aircraft cabin. For some people, this shock can make the stomach nauseous and even vomit.

If you get drunk easily in the air due to turbulence, it’s a good idea to choose a seat in the center of the plane. This section will be marked with the airplane wing. If you want a seat here, you must quickly choose on Cleartrip when buying plane tickets because this place is sought after by many people.

Window Seats Perfect for Sleeping During Flights

Want to sleep all the way? Choose a window seat. Sitting by the window makes other people not have to wake up when they want to go to the toilet. In addition, you can also lean on the fuselage to make sleeping more comfortable.

Leggy? Choose a Seat Near the Emergency Door

Flying economy class? Most people will complain because the space is too narrow between the chairs. Well, if you have long legs, a regular airplane seat will make you uncomfortable throughout the journey. You can choose a seat near the emergency exit to get a seat with wider legs. Choosing this seat should also be responsible for opening the emergency door the first time.

Front Left Seat to Get Out First

After going through a long journey, just waiting 10 minutes to get off the plane will feel long. If you want to exit the plane shortly after the plane stops, it’s a good idea to choose the front seat on the left. The sitting position there means you don’t have to wait for people to come out like if you choose a seat in the back.

Likes to commute to the toilet, choose a back seat near the aisle

Most people will use the airplane toilet to urinate while flying. This one activity makes you have to get up from your seat and go to the toilet. At the same time, you may annoy other people.

If you sit by the window, you will find it a little difficult to get out of your seat. The passenger toilet is usually located at the rear of the plane. So, to go to the toilet comfortably, choose a seat at the back.

So, ready for a vacation? Don’t forget to book your flight ticket with Cleartrip. In addition to getting the convenience of choosing a seat, the additional flight service feature of Cleartrip also provides the convenience of adding a baggage allowance and also checking flight status from a cellphone. So, what are you waiting for, book vistara flight now only on Cleartrip!