Comfortable seats are very necessary for all airline passengers for those who want to travel. Because the time needed to board the plane is very time consuming that is not short so passengers must be really comfortable with the seat they choose. For those of you how are looking for cheapest flight ticket, you can book vistara flight. Vistara flight is the best Martket Place that you can try, In there you can get Book Vistara flight tickets only on ₹1000. Straight away Here are some tips that you can do to get the best seat when boarding a plane:

1. Flight Time

If you take a midnight flight to Maluku or Papua, you can take a window seat on row F. Why is that so? Because just before landing, you will be amazed by the view of the sunrise from the top of the plane. Or if you take an afternoon flight to the west, take a window seat on row A so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Are you going to fly to another city in Indonesia at night? Consider the window seat on row A if you want to enjoy the view of the sparkling city lights. Generally in that seat the city center is located.

2. Destination

In general, you will do research about your destination, although unfortunately not many do research about flights there. Research about flights is not only about departure hours, return, or destination airports, but also about what you might be able to see shortly before landing. On a morning flight from Bali to Jogja for example, if you take a window seat on row F, you will see the awesome view of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and Mount Merapi-Merbabu just before landing. Planning to visit the islands? Do research on the location of the airport so you will not miss the moment to see small islands with clear seas and beautiful corals.

3. Needs/Habits

You don’t want to be included in the type of passenger on a plane that sucks? Watch this carefully. If you are the type of person who likes to sleep while on the plane, take a window seat so that the passenger next to you does not have to bother waking up when he wants to go to the toilet. Conversely, if you are a person who often goes to the toilet, take the aisle seat (aisle) so as not to interfere with the comfort of other passengers because you often go back and forth. In addition, it will be better if you take a seat in the back row or the front, near the toilet. Are you often afraid of turbulence? Take a seat in the wing area because in this part the turbulence is not too pronounced. Want to get food first? Take the front or center seat. Do you have long legs and want to “go”? Take a seat in the emergency door area.

4. Season: Low/High/Peak

Yes, the season we are referring to is not the season related to the weather, but the season or the holiday period. If you are flying in high season periods such as during school and summer holidays or in peak seasons such as christmas and New Year, you may want to avoid choosing seats in the front or middle areas. Because usually this area is taken up by passengers with young children who generally quite often make uncomfortable with their “commotion”. However, taking a seat in this position does not mean you will be really uncomfortable, because not infrequently I also become entertained because of the child’s funny behavior or the way the parents calm them down.

Such is the article on Tips on Choosing the Best Seat on the Plane, And hopefully what we present can be useful for all of you who at this time want to travel by using aircraft transfer tools. For a better flight experience you can book vistara flight.