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Hearthstone: A Basic Game Guide The digital card game called “Hearthstone” was created based on the highly popular Warcraft gaming franchise, with the game’s setting and characters coming from it. And now that you’re here, it only means you want to learn more something about this interesting game as you hope to start playing it, too. First of all, the game actually provides all the basic stuff you need once you watch the tutorial, but it’s no secret that several things can only be learned once you make actual progress. This article’s purpose is to provide the information you won’t get from the basic tutorial. Keywords and Strategy Tips You should know that there are several passive abilities that one card can carry by way of keywords. The key is combining cards in order to come up with a better chance of being competitive in the higher levels. For instance, silence is a negative keyword that can be used as a component of another creature’s battle cry. This keyword works in a way that if a minion is silenced, it will correspond to losing its special abilities.
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And since Hearthstone is still described as a card game, success in it still depends primarily on the luck of the draw. But then again, it doesn’t mean you can’t employ a certain strategy to be able to come out on top. The fact is you can actually aim at consistently building an effective deck, the purpose of which is to be able to maximize your chances of drawing the best card possible for a specific situation. The New Cards You probably know by now that every class begins with a set of basic cards. But every single time you raise your hero’s level by playing consistently, you will be able to eventually earn pairs of new cards. To be exact, you get to earn new cards every two levels up to level 10. As soon as you reach level 10, you then will be earning golden cards, which by the way are fancier than the basic cards you earn before level 10. The game currently uses two different currencies, namely dust and gold. Unlike many games of the same genre, Hearthstone does not require you to use actual money to obtain both currencies. Gold for its part is used for purchasing five-card Hearthstone boosting packs. The most common means of earning gold is if you win three online matches in all modes. Aside from those matches, you likewise can win gold by completing a daily quest and by opening Arena prizes. For the most part, cards are a specialized currency that usually is obtained through giving up your cards. But you can actually use it later on to craft several of the cards in the game.