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As recognized students they can apply for student loans, credits and scholarships. The Southern Atelier is proud to current their apprenticeship program under the course of ARC Associate Living Master Charles Miano, designed as a 4-level program with a unique 2-fold course of research. In addition to traditional long term tasks such as casts, grasp copies, portraits and figurative works, the apprenticeship curriculum highlights rigorous short, intermediate and long apply from the live model. This balanced strategy develops hand eye coordination shortly and improves an artist’s capability to see and capture life and movement dramatically whereas on the similar time learning to finish artworks to the best standards of excellence. Shop greater than 90,000 art provides on-line, together with the best selection of portray supplies, drawing supplies, and extra. We contribute to the vibrancy of a inventive and numerous arts and literary scene by way of our grants, providers, prizes …

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