Revisiting The Most Interesting And Challenging Golf Holes In Georgia 

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Sport isn’t exactly one of the prominent activities in Middle Georgia, but it does feature some lovely golf courses for those who enjoy swinging their clubs for a bit of stress relief and relaxation. 

Each course has its own unique and exciting features, and every now and then, there’s just a spectacular hole that challenges and interests almost every golfer who plays it. Here’s our list of the most interesting and challenging golf holes in Georgia… How many have you played? 

No. 18 at Brickyard Golf Club 

The Brickyard Golf Club finishes with a whopper of a par-5, so you can’t let your guard down as you approach the end of the course. Stretching to 495 yards, you’ll need every ounce of power to get a good score on this hole, but it requires just as much precision and strategy. 

Two trees pinch the fairway about halfway down, adding an interesting and unique challenge to what might’ve been an otherwise straightforward second shot. Wayward drives will be punished by this layout, but drive straight and true and you should have a clear second shot. 

Once you’ve made it past the tree hazards, you’ll need to make it to the elevated green, past the two guarding bunkers. Don’t get complacent once you land on the green—it’s tougher than it looks, with tricky nuances, curves, and an unexpected run-off. 

Don’t underestimate what looks like a fairly straightforward, flat hole. Harness your power for a good drive, use your best strategy, use a golf cart instead of walking to conserve energy, and finish the course on a high, rather than letting the hole beat you! 

No. 17 Barrington Hall Golf Club 

The second-to-last hole at the Barrington Hall Golf Club is a beautiful par-3. At just 233 yards, it’s not a strenuous hole but it’s surely one of the most scenic holes you’ll have the pleasure of playing. 

An elevated tee box gives you a lovely view of the surrounding countryside. On a clear day, you might want to get your camera out and take a few snaps, because it’s worth remembering. 

Once you get to the green, don’t ease up. Now’s the time for real strategy and finesse, because it’s quicker than it looks. However, it rolls quite true, so aside from the amazing views, you have a chance for a good score on this great little hole. 

No. 11 Southern Landing Golf Club 

Hole number 11 at Southern Landing Golf Club is par-5 that reaches 535 yards from the back tees. It features undulating fairways that can land your golf ball a little away from where you meant to drop it, so take caution. 

The compact TifEagle green is a little more sneaky than it originally seems, so take your time and look closely at the surface when making your choice of how to putt. The hole is backed by beautiful, big trees that give it an out-of-the-way feeling, but be careful not to overshoot the green or you’ll be faced with a tough shot. 

No. 17 Idle Hour Country Club 

Idle Hour is a private club, but it’s well worth playing if you can tag along with a member for a few hours. Its finisher is one of the most stunning in Middle Georgia, so if you get a chance to play it, don’t say no! 

Hole 17 is their signature hole, and it’s a tough one. A par-4 of 466 yards, it plays to an uphill green but has a prominent downhill lie, providing a challenge on every shot. 

The fairway is tight and packed between two lines of trees, so if you aren’t accurate with your drive, you might just find yourself in a spot of trouble. 

Once you’ve managed to drive dead center, your second shot requires you to hit uphill about 200 yards. Another thing to be careful of here is the almost constant wind that blows down the channel through the trees, which you’ll be playing into. 

It demands power, but you can’t sacrifice accuracy, so this shot may trip up less experienced players. On the green, things don’t get a whole lot easier. It’s two-tiered, faster than it looks, and features some serious curves that’ll carry your ball right past the hole and drop a shot if you’re not careful. 

No. 18 Houston Lake Country Club 

And we’re finishing with another finisher! The Atlanta Journal and Constitution named the 18th at the Houston Lake Country Club as one of the state’s best golf holes, and that’s true both for its playability and its amazing scenery. 

This signature hole features a lake running the length of the hole on the right hand side. It cuts in front of the tee box and the green, so you’ll have to actively avoid landing in the water on multiple shots. 

Once you’ve navigated past the water, you’ll need to make it past the many bunkers that shield the green. On the green, you should be able to make the putt with some concentration and precision, but it’s nothing crazy. 

However, if you’re playing later in the day, you’ll be treated to a stunning sunset over the lake. Don’t get too distracted by the beauty or you might miss the putt! 


Middle Georgia’s golf courses might not be on the same level as Pebble Beach, but we’ve got some excellent options for golfers of all levels. Plus, they’re all beautiful places to spend a few hours getting some exercise, enjoying the weather, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

These holes have been called the best in Middle Georgia numerous times. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or new to the game, we recommend playing each course so you can check them out and see if they live up to the hype! 

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence.