When many people consider picking up their life and starting somewhere new, it’s usually on a coastline somewhere, but the Midwest should be considered instead! This portion of this country has a little bit of everything for everyone, but that means that nearly every pro can be a con and vice versa.

These are the top things to know about living in the Midwest and why it may or may not be for you!

Far Less Traffic and City Stress

A pro for some, a con for others, there are far fewer major cities in the Midwest. Although you can find Chicago and Milwaukee houses for sale, most towns in this portion of the country are smaller than average and spread out over a larger area.

So if you don’t love city living, this can be a major pro because it means there’s a larger chance to find a smaller city, or great rural area, that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Best Experience of All Seasons

The seasons are another place that’s a pro and con in the Midwest. Although the summer is generally mild and inoffensive: the winter can be outrageous. Some parts of states like Minnesota and Wisconsin see several feet of snow in the matter of a week, and others stay below freezing for multiple months at a time. This can be a lot for anyone who hates the cold and is a lot to get used to.

If you don’t mind the cold and instead hate hot weather, this can be a win for you since the summers here are generally short and mild and don’t leave you feeling like you’re being baked just walking out to your car in the afternoon.

Middling Property Costs

The properties in the Midwest are also a point that can go either way. The average home in the Midwest is cheaper than the national average, but not by much. On top of that, the property values don’t grow as quickly here as they do in other parts of the country.

Unfortunately, this means that you won’t make as much of a profit as soon as you may in other areas.

Lower Cost of Living Than National Average

The cost of living is far lower in the Midwest than the national average! This is great news because it means you can afford to buy and do more with your money.

But, unfortunately, the Midwest is also the second-lowest earner when it comes to the median household income, with the average family earning less than their counterparts in the Northeast and West. This can be frustrating for anyone moving from these areas and may not make the cost of living feel so low.

The Midwest Makes It Easy to Feel at Home.

Whether you grew up in the American South or you’re from the west coast: it’s easy to feel at home in much of the Midwest. Get to know what type of properties interest you, consider learning about the local city cultures, and you’ll fall in love in no time!