Interesting places in Phuket provide a variety of places that must be cool. This area can be said to have more positions. Because in 2004, I was hit by a devastating disaster, the tsunami. However, it is only the past that will not become the future. Now this area has grown again with its charm.

No wonder so many tourists come to visit this area and enjoy the treats offered. The majority of Phuket residents are Hindus. Therefore, many traditional beliefs and ceremonies are present in this region. This is why Phuket can survive well as a major tourist destination in Thailand.

James Bond Island
The original name of this island is Kao Pingkhand. This area is only 40 meters wide. with a small island that is shaped like a needle that is named ko tapu.
Why can be named James Bond? Because in 1974 the area was once used as a place to make James bond films. The one entitled The man with the golden gun.
History for Thailand at that time. Because after the screening of this film. Thailand tourism is growing and more and more visitors especially Hollywood residents come to visit. Therefore, the name of this character is enshrined as the name of this island.

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Phi Phi Islands
This area is a quiet historic place because it was once the place where Leonardo de Caprio shot the beach.
The tourist attraction which has been named the most beautiful island in Southeast Asia does have extraordinary magic. Where, when entering into this area at that time tourists will be presented with extraordinary charm.
More precisely this region is the king of Thailand’s Ampat. It’s just that the cliffs here are bigger so, it presents a basin. Inside there is water that is very clear and bluish green.
Really like wallpaper on a computer screen. There are things that must be done here is to get acquainted with the underwater world.
Heading to the phi-phi island takes 45 minutes using a speed boat. And it takes 90 minutes by ferry. In terms of prices both also have different prices.