My Parents Are Coming to Visit Me

I was really happy when my parents told me they were coming to Toronto to visit me. I have been living here for nearly ten years, but they have only been here once so far. It isn’t that they don’t want to come, but my mom has had medical issues which have prevented her from traveling such a long distance. Though she is in the clear, I still wanted to make their trip here as easy as possible. That is why I looked at the different cars at I knew my mom would balk at having a limo pick her up, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t still have a professional driver pick her up in a nice sedan.

I would pick them up if I could, but I was not able to start my vacation time until the first full day they were here. My father said he would just rent a car at the airport, but I told him I would take care of it for him. I just didn’t want either one of them to have to worry about anything at all while they were here.

I knew that a professional driver would know the roads a lot better than my father. During the busier traffic times, it can sometimes be a nightmare getting from the airport to my area as well, and I just wanted my folks to enjoy themselves and look at the sites. Plus, it was very affordable to have a professional driver and a nice car make that leg of their trip much easier and nicer. When they got to my house, which is about an hour from the airport, my father told me that it was definitely the right decision because he and my mom were able to enjoy the sights together, which they really liked a lot!