My Journey And Ultimate Guide to Mauritius

God first created Mauritius, and from here, he created paradise, said Mark Twain. Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean.  Mauritius is a beautiful place or an incredible land one must visit in a lifetime. It is a wish list of all the beach lovers. Mauritius is also called a land of rainbow and shooting stars because these are commonly seen here. It is a whole divine and majestic feels to be in Mauritius. The relaxing feels which one gets while holidaying in Mauritius simply cannot be compared with any other soothing situations. Beaches, shacks, island, water and land all at the same place, what else can one wish for? My tour to Mauritius was a lifetime experience, and I would cherish this forever.

We had lots of options to decide for where to pack our bags and escape. But, we couldn’t all agree on the same choice. But one thing in common was beach and city life which made all of us agree for Mauritius. We immediately took out the great invention of this time from our pockets, and that is smartphones and started browsing places to visit, stay and holiday packages of Mauritius. The beautiful images of the landscapes and the city life made us want to head to this location. It was exactly the place we wanted to escape for. The cascades, waterfalls, beaches, cruise, dolphin sight-seeing, different kinds of water sports, casinos, waterfronts, nature parks, church, temples and so many fascinating things at one place made us select this location for our vacation.
The next thing was choosing the best and cheap airlines for our tickets. Obviously, we searched for the best option by browsing through so many websites. Finally, we got the best choice for our tickets through We booked the tickets two months before for the low rates, of course. We were happy at this price, though. Our airlines chosen was Emirates.
The next step for any holidays is plan and book hotels according to the best packages. As per our choice and convenience, we selected the hotels from We filled in all the required details for the hotels and the hotel rooms and then we checked out so many hotels according to our preferences and checked out all the details for them. After deciding on one package, we booked our hotel rooms under the desired and decided budget.
Landing on Mauritius made us go head over heels for that place. We were euphoric at the airport and at the same time, we immediately wanted to rush out and explore the area. But, since it was not a native place or a place where we always visit, we had a little idea of the transport. We rented an cab from the airport and went to the hotel, and after all the refreshments, the first thing we did was asking the hotel managers about the car facility over there. He gave us few names of the car rental companies, and we called, and after all the research we booked a car from Soleiro Mauritius Car Rental company. This car company gave us really wonderful experience and helped us reach our hotel in the minimum time escaping the traffic. As an experienced tourist, I would suggest all the visitors hire Soleiro  Car Rental Mauritius for better convenience in transport as they are totally reliable. You can make a car booking online from their website.
Obviously, there are famous five-star hotels and resorts in Mauritius like Shangri-La and St. Regis, but it is always about choosing the hotels which are luxurious as well as in our budgets. Some of the best budget stays in this place could be La Mariposa, Gold Crest, Paradise Residence and much more which could be easily searched on websites like Trivago.
Since Mauritius is a great place for tourist attractions, I also bring a list of must visit places in Mauritius for your convenience. Le Morne, Black River Gorges, Chamarel, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, Ile Aux Cerfs, Gris Gris beach are some of the amazing places one  must visit in Mauritius along with casinos, churches and city life are also good ideas to explore the city.