Bali has been one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia for years, and it is only getting more popular among international travelers. The island in Indonesia is famous for its gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water, and friendly atmosphere.

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That said, Bali continues to offer more than just beautiful beaches to explore. Aside from the newer (virgin) beaches you can now visit, there are so many other things you can do while visiting the island. We are going to discuss some of the best to try in this article.

Yoga in Ubud

Bali has always been a very religious and cultural place. The people in Bali are predominantly Hindus, but the Hinduism in Bali has unique characteristics that make it different than Hinduism in India and other parts of the world.

As a very religious, spiritual place, it is not surprising to find Bali becoming the go-to place for those who are seeking enlightenment. If you want to sample a different experience, meet incredible people, and study Yoga and its practices, Ubud is the place you want to visit.

Ubud is also becoming a popular ecotourism destination. There are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the area, retreat places to pamper you to the max, and gorgeous natural surroundings acting as the perfect backdrop for the whole experience.

Parties in Seminyak

The majority of international travelers go to Kuta for its beaches and affordable amenities. In the evening, Kuta turns into a huge party scene, with many bars, clubs, and lounges offering different party atmospheres and a lot of fun.

If you are serious about enjoying the best parties, however, Seminyak is where you want to be. It is a more upscale area compared to Kuta, but it is still incredibly accessible and affordable. Don’t be surprised to find international DJs, top performers, and an incredible crowd of party-goers here.

In fact, Seminyak clubs are world famous, with places like Potato Head hosting parties by the beach. After enjoying the best parties, return to the Bali resort hotel of your choice to relax and recharge; you’ll be ready for more adventure in the morning.

The Water in Amed

Of course, you really can’t go to Bali without heading into the water for a swim, surf, or other water activity that you can try here; there are a lot to try indeed. The one you don’t want to miss, however, is going on a diving or snorkeling trip in Amed.

Amed beach isn’t as popular as Kuta or Nusa Dua, but that makes the spot even better for a mini-adventure. Amed isn’t as crowded as other snorkeling spots, and you have Amed’s clear, warm water ready to welcome you into its hidden world.

The underwater sceneries here are simply too good to miss. Add the fact that the water offers good visibility, and you have the perfect spot for snorkeling.

A visit to Bali allows you to try new things and experience more. Be sure to try the three things we covered in this article the next time you visit this magical island.