Locating the Right Replacement Safety Equipment for Your Boat

As with any part on a boat, safety equipment can age and become necessary to replace. It is important to find a source for replacing safety equipment that is affordable and ha the selection needed. It is never a bad idea to upgrade safety equipment. Keeping you and your passengers safe should be a top priority.

Fire Extinguishers and Alarms
A fire on a boat or yacht can result in disaster in a matter of minutes. Keeping fire alarms in good working order might be the only warning you get that a fire is happening. Keep working fire extinguishers in more than one location. Have them easy for anyone to access in a hurry.
Life Jackets and Rafts
Life jackets should be worn by anyone that sets sail with you on your boat. Make sure you keep plenty on hand of various sizes. Easy-to-inflate life rafts are a true life-saving device if the boat begins to sink for some reason. It will allow everyone to exit the boat safely and wait for help.
Bilge and Sump Pumps
Bilge and sump pumps are needed, especially if you encounter high seas that splash water overboard. A small leak in your boat can allow water to intrude and eventually cause the boat to sink. Good working pumps can help you stay afloat and get back to safe harbor, where a fix can be made.
Sanitation Equipment
Proper sanitation equipment is needed to keep from exposing you and your crew to germs. Make sure that toilets and tanks are in good working order before leaving the dock. You do not want to end up with a serious sewage problem right in the middle of a vacation. It can make it a miserable trip for everyone.
Electrical Components
There are many electrical components that help keep a boat safely in operation. Radar, GPS mapping, bilge pump alarms and engine electrical controls are all critical to the safe operation and navigation of your boat. New replacement parts can be ordered and replace anything that has suffered catastrophic failure.
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