Lawyer, Defending for Justice or Wealth?

Lawyer, Defending for Justice or Wealth?

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Lawyers should be one of the law enforcement officers in Oklahoma. But sadly, there have been several cases where lawyers/advocates have become one of the officers who violated the law while carrying out their duties as a lawyer.

Instead of carrying out their duties to uphold justice, they justify any means to be able to win their clients in a case. Is this what we call upholding justice?

Or do they just simply want to get wealth? This article will discuss the phenomenon that has happened several times in law enforcement in Oklahoma.

According to ODCR court records, an advocate or lawyer is a person who provides legal services for the legal interests of clients. The main task of a lawyer is to provide legal assistance, defend and ensure that clients get their rights in carrying out legal proceedings, not just to win clients. “Advocates are not to defeat or win the defendant but to save the rights of clients. Both at the court level, or the police and prosecutors’ examination stages.”

Advocates or lawyers will be entitled to receive an honorarium or compensation for the legal services they provide from the client. The amount of this honorarium is usually agreed upon by the Advocate and the client at the beginning of their cooperation in a case. Sometimes, this agreement is one of the reasons why an advocate ends up violating his duties as a law enforcement officer.

The client sometimes has promised a large honorarium to the Advocate to win his case, so the Advocate then chooses to violate his code of ethics by not carrying out his duties. In the end, lawyers try to win cases in a variety of ways, such as committing bribes to judges or corruption, obstructing investigations, and providing false testimony or testimony.

The lawyers might indeed be given a large enough honorarium so that they end up doing many ways to win the case. From the cases above, we can see that indeed the average lawyer who is entangled in these cases is a lawyer with a client from a corruption suspect.

However, in my personal opinion, this should not have happened. A lawyer should be able to position himself as a law enforcer, not as a lawbreaker who should be the guideline.

A lawyer should prioritize justice and law over wealth alone. Before becoming a lawyer, they certainly knew that they could not break their oaths and code of ethics. And it has also been stated above that the real duty of lawyers is not to win a case, but to still protect the legal rights possessed by the defendant.

Lawyers should not distort or hide the fact that the defendant is indeed guilty. A lawyer who breaks the law is not a good example for the Oklahoma Oklahoma community. In the future, it could be that people increasingly do not respect the law because they consider law enforcement officials to be corrupt from within, and do not deserve to be respected.

Therefore, as a good Tulsa community, if we are caught in a case, we should not ask our lawyers to justify any means to win the case by giving a large reward that can tempt them. Also, we should be aware that if we do violate the law, all the lawyer can do is protect our rights in court, rather than being obliged to win it. Finally, if there are indications of violations committed by law enforcement, we must have the courage to report them to the supervisors of the court. Hopefully, with this article, we can realize how much more important is law enforcement in Oklahoma than the wealth of us.