How to Get the Most for Your RV When Selling It to Buy a New One

Your RV has been with you on a lot of trips over the years. It’s been a lot of places and given you a lot of memories. But it’s time to consider buying a new or at least newer model. Maybe you want more (or less) space. Perhaps you want one that’ll need fewer trips to the shop. Whatever draws you to another model, the more you can get for trading in your old one, the less the new one will set you back.

Shop at the Right Place

When you buy an RV from a place like, it won’t matter how much you get for your old RV because both new and used models of the hottest brands are available at such discounted prices, you can already afford them even before you get a buyer from your old model. Ask about trade-ins at the place you buy your new RV from, as they might have an ongoing special like a flat fee even for RVs in poor condition. Otherwise, they’ll offer you more than a buyer you find on your own would.

Get It Fixed

The better shape your RV is in, the more you’ll get for it when you go to sell it. At the same time, you don’t want to spend more cash than is economically feasible for you on fixing an RV when you just plan to sell it. Talk to a mechanic and an RV seller and see what they say before you commit to the fixes. If it turns out a few inexpensive fixes can boost the value of your RV exponentially, get them done, as long as you walk away with enough profit to justify the cost.

Get It Cleaned

A relatively simple thoroughly cleaning can add value to your RV because it makes the vehicle look newer and more attractive to potential buyers. Clean the outside with soap and water, but clean the inside as well, getting rid of all the clutter, vacuuming and mopping, and making hard surfaces like tables and counters shine.
Ask an RV expert about how to get more for your RV or how to find a model you like that fits into your budget even if you don’t get that much for a well-used RV. Start by shopping online and then ask to see a few models in person so you can take them for a test drive and compare the handling to your old RV’s. You won’t drive off the lot unsatisfied.