Going to Have a Big Birthday Party

Of course when anyone turns twenty one that is a big deal, but for one of my friends it is a much bigger deal. Both of his grandparents are wealthy, that is how it works. If you have one rich person, then the obvious thing is to marry another rich person. At any rate this friend has trust funds and stuff like that, but they usually do not let you have it before you grow up. Now he is old enough to get his hands on the money and he is going to spend some. A Toronto party bus is going to rent him a pair of party buses, which between the two of them will carry around ninety people. It is not that hard to find people who want to come along, not so long as some other person is paying for the night out. In truth I am happy to save the money, but I have not been going out for months so that I could save the money for a new car.

He seems not to care about the cost of this, obviously because he has a lot more money. This is not the only trust fund that he has and he could blow all of this money and still have more coming in. Of course he also has a job working for the family business, one that pays quite well. I do not know that he is really the most qualified person to do the job, but that is not really all that relevant. So long as he remains family he is likely to have a job if he does not behave so badly that they have not choice in the matter. I think that there are a couple dozen of his relatives working there, the ones who prove capable get promoted rapidly.