Explore Brooklyn New York

New York is not only Manhattan, Central Park or Times Square. Still there Brooklyn, an area which is a multicultural area of the New Yorkers inhabitants. In this place, which is absorbed across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Do not forget to stop at the Brooklyn Bridge when traveling to New York, USA. The bridge was built in 1883 to connect the area of Manhattan, where New York is the center of the crowd and the Brooklyn neighborhood.If you want to stay in brooklyn, you can visit this site hotel in brooklyn ny
Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest bridge hydraulic technology in the United States. As the name implies, the bridge is located in Brooklyn, New York. Famous buildings in Uncle Sam is put into use in 1883, serves to connect Manhattan with Brooklyn separated by the East River, like the one on Tripadvisor.com.
Brooklyn Bridge has a length of 486.3 m, placing it as the longest bridge in the world. The record last until 1903. The bridge was also briefly appeared in numerous Hollywood movies, like Godzilla, I Am Legend, Deep Impact and Indepence Day.
Bridge New York icon has 6 special line of motor vehicles as well as 1 separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. Referring to the high bridge that reaches 3.4 m, weight 2,700 kg, buses and public transportation was banned for through the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Bored with the family so vacation activities – just like that? Encourage your child’s gardening in the park!
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is a botanical garden located in Brooklyn, New York 11225. An area of 21 hectares a habitat for many species, including cherry trees, lily, magnolia, orchid, rose, azalea, lily, tulips and many more.
BBG consists of several parks that have their uniqueness – each. Visitors can visit the Cherry Esplanade, Children’s Garden, Discovery Garden, Fragrance Garden, Herb Garden, Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, Lily Pool Terrace, Native Flora Garden, Osborne Garden, Plant Family Collection, the Rose Garden and the Shakespeare Garden.
Cherry Esplanade, visitors can stroll in the park surrounded by cherry trees. Come here in late April, when the cherry blossom festival, you will be treated to beautiful scenery in the Cherry Esplanade.
Feel free to bring their son – your daughter to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, because here too there are special children’s garden. In the Children’s Garden, children – children aged 2-17 years are taught to planting trees. For toddlers or here called kindergardeners taught to plant, harvest with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.