Drive and Discover the Capital City of Iran

Have you driven to Tehran before? Is it preferable to go by car or by public transit in Tehran? Join us to have a memorable experience in this city.

Tehran is a worldwide metropolis in Iran that serves as the country’s capital and is the third-largest city in the Middle East. Tehran is unique in terms of leisure and tourism destinations since it offers museums, parks, restaurants, and warm-blooded and cordial people. Some individuals choose to drive to Tehran’s tourist attractions. Some individuals choose to drive to Tehran’s tourist attractions. Tehran is separated into two parts: the north and the south, and all tourists are encouraged to visit both.

Why rent a car in Tehran?

In the above section, we mentioned that you can rent a car to explore Tehran and enjoy the sights of this city. A car rental in Tehran allows you to visit more places of interest at a lower cost and ensure the safety of your trip.

What are the conditions for renting a car with a driver in Tehran?

Each automobile rental company has its own set of policies and procedures. As a result, before hiring a car in Tehran, research the legislation and papers required for your chosen company to avoid complications while seeing this big and beautiful country.

Certain vehicle rental businesses need the following qualifications when leasing a car with a driver:

  • Those who are unable to drive or who like to travel in style may wish to hire a car with a driver.
  • There is no paperwork or other need to hire a car with a driver, and all tasks, including damages and accidents, are the responsibility of the company’s professional driver. It should be mentioned that the minimum rental duration in Tehran and other Iranian cities is 10 hours. You must pay the same cost if you use the rental automobile for fewer than 10 hours.
  • When renting a car with a driver, the client is responsible for the vehicle’s delivery and return times. Long distances are also paid separately. You will be paid separately if you require a traffic strategy for your trip.
  • High-traffic and unpaved roads will be charged separately.

By following the above tips and choosing the right car rental company, you can benefit from the benefits of car rental in Istanbul or other cities, not only in Tehran.

How should we rent a car without a driver in Tehran?

One of the most popular and popular actions of tourists when traveling to Iran is to use the benefits of car rental in Iran without driver.

A car without a driver can be hired for at least two days. You must come to the central office and pick up your automobile there to avoid the transfer cost.

The following are the requirements and documentation for hiring a car without a driver:

  • Proof of an international driving license or driving license from your country of residency (Driving with your home country’s license is only valid for 6 months after entering Iran.)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of tourist visa
  • If you request that the automobile be delivered to the airport, you must supply an airline ticket.
  • The deposit will be reimbursed to you when the automobile is returned.
  • Please keep in mind that if you wish to hire ultra-premium automobiles, the original passport will be required.

Where in Tehran are the greatest tourist locations with car rentals?

Because Tehran has grown in size in recent years, there is a greater demand for one-day Tehran tours and Tehran tours by vehicle. In the following sections, we will take you on a tour of Tehran’s tourist attractions by vehicle hire.

  1. Tajrish market
  2. Nature Bridge
  3. Bird garden
  4. Chitgar Lake
  5. Ghazali Cinema Town
  6. Imamzadeh Davood, Tehran
  7. National Botanical Garden
  8. Niavaran palace
  9. Lavisan Forest Park
  10. Darabad Wildlife Museum

When is the best time to rent a car in Iran?

Winter in Tehran is relatively chilly, with large snowfalls on occasion. On bright winter days, air pollution increases due to the presence of pollutants and the phenomena of temperature inversion. As a result, the optimal season to go is from May to September, based on air temperature.


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