A Ride from the Airport to the Hotel

I am the manager for an independent baseball team that goes around the country playing other baseball teams. We are a specialty team though, sort of like the Globetrotters who entertain in funny ways while they play. We are scheduled to play in a town close to Toronto, so we decided to fly into the Toronto airport since it was the biggest one in the area. It would take us about an hour to get to our hotel rooms, so I also did a search for a Platinum party bus in Toronto.

I already knew that they were the premier limo company for that area, but I wanted to see if they had any limo buses available. We were already going to be traveling for hours in the air, so I wanted to have something a bit more roomy for our ground transportation. I was happy to see that not only does Platinum have limo buses, but they have a very nice variety of sizes of them in their fleet. There are ones that will hold as few as 18 or as many as 50 people. There are 21 people in our entourage , so we had a few options available for us.

I was able to see the interiors of the buses which really helped make my decision for me. While all of them were nice, I definitely liked the party bus limo the best. It holds 22 people, and the seats are arranged really nice. There is also a bar available, which will be nice. No one on the team is a heavy drinker, but I knew we would all be ready for a glass of something refreshing. It was easy to reserve one, and it is going to pick us up at the airport. It will be nice riding to our hotel in style.