5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

The waterfall is a natural phenomenon which we can see its beauty. The waterfall can be encountered in the mountains there are streams, the water will flow through the rocks and eventually fell into the river but if the river water flow down through high cliffs, it will form a beautiful waterfall.
The waterfall can be formed by his own hand or an artificial waterfall, but the artificial waterfall cannot match the beauty that forms in a natural way. Natural formation can occur because of the eruption, forming a beautiful and stunning scenery.
Here are 5 most beautiful waterfalls in the world, among which:

  1. Niagara WaterFall

Niagara Falls is located in Ontario, Canada. The waterfall is formed naturally from rock glaciers and also from a merger between two large lakes. Both the lake was named Eri Lake and also Ontario Lake, so the waterfall area that are here included into the finest and most unique waterfall in North America. Additionally, Niagara Falls is a waterfall area, located between the border of the provinces of Canada and Ontario. For travel guides, you can see in niagarafallshotels.com.
Height of Niagara Falls is about 165 feet altitude at the level of the volume of water that reaches up to 168,000 m³, with a very large volume of water that falls is not only used as a tourist attraction is very beautiful but also serve as a source of generating electricity using water power.
Waterfall enormous natural beauty makes more interesting to visit, visitors can also perform a variety of water games are one of the most popular is playing rafting. So no wonder if the place is always crowded and serve as a popular tourist spot.

  1. Multnomah Waterfall, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
The waterfall is located on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge area is precisely located in the eastern part of the Troutdale border between Corbett and Dodson. Here there are two types of waterfall with a height levels are also different. Main waterfall height of about 542 feet, while the height of the second waterfall about 69 feet. So if the elevation of both the waterfall can reach up to 612 feet, so Multnomah Waterfalls included in one of the second highest waterfall in the United States.

  1. Dettifoss, Iceland

The Dettifoss waterfall area is a waterfall with the water level is very heavy and most profusely in the area of Europe, reaches a height of 148 feet so as to make a very beautiful natural phenomenon and a must to visit. The Dettifoss waterfall tourist area is located in a national park Vatnajokull, besides the volume level of the water area of the waterfall is the biggest in Europe.

  1. Zone Iguazu WaterFall, Argentina and Brazil

This Waterfall area is one site that has inherited the world by UNESCO, which was inaugurated in 1984. The waterfall area is situated between the border of Brazil and the southern region of the province of Misiones, Argentina. Waterfall tourism is often mentioned in the category of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, because Iguazu Falls has a width of about 2.7 km and has 275 small waterfall, while the water level falls ranging between 60-82 m. Meaning of Iguazu itself when translated into the language of Guarani called by the name “Big Air”, the region has a tropical climate so that their stunning natural beauty.

  1. Huangguoshu Waterfall, China

In the Chinese state is also not to be outdone in terms of natural beauty, because there is a waterfall tourist area, which are located in the province of Anshun. Waterfalls that are here is an area of the largest waterfall in China, reaches a height of 255ft (77.8 m), if the name of Huangguoshu translated into Literally, it means that “Fruit Tree Yellow” and nature has become one of the national parks are the most visited by the local and foreign tourists.