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My Journey And Ultimate Guide to Mauritius

God first created Mauritius, and from here, he created paradise, said Mark Twain. Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean.  Mauritius is a beautiful place or an incredible land one must visit in a lifetime. It is a wish list of all the beach lovers. Mauritius is also called a land of rainbow and shooting stars because these are commonly seen here. It is a whole divine and majestic feels to be in Mauritius. The relaxing feels which one gets while holidaying in Mauritius simply cannot be compared with any other soothing situations. Beaches, shacks, island, water and land all at the same place, what else can one wish for? My tour to Mauritius was a lifetime experience, and I would cherish this forever.

We had lots of options to decide for where to pack our bags and escape. But, we couldn’t all agree on the same choice. But one thing in common was beach and city life which made all of us agree for Mauritius. We immediately took out the great invention of this time from our pockets, and that is smartphones and started browsing places to visit, stay and holiday packages of Mauritius. The beautiful images of …